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From Searching for Ropens and Finding God, 4th edition, nonfiction Late in the summer of 2006, I got an email from Brian Hennessy, an independent psychologist who works in China, including service at the Chongqing University of Medical Sciences. His description of the creature he saw in 1971, flying over an island 460 miles east of Umboi, reminded me of Hodgkinson’s report: a large “prehistoric” flying creature with a head crest, also seen clearly in daylight. . . . “The creature I saw one early morning in Bougainville is etched in my memory. It was so unusual. I actually heard it before I saw it. A slow flap . . . flap . . . flapping sound. The air was still, and our truck had stopped on our downward journey from the top of the range to the coast way below. . . . on the road from Panguna down to Loloho on Bougainville Island in 1971. . . .” [page 127]    
Sighting of a probable ropen on Bougainville Island, New Guinea, in 1971, by Brian Hennessy
Was it a modern long-tailed pterosaur on Bougainville Island? 
Brian Hennessy is a professional psychologist who enjoys working in China. Why would he play a hoax that could do only harm to his reputation? And why would his description of a flying creature correlate so well with other eyewitness descriptions from the south- west Pacific? Consider the obvious answer: These are actual animals, flying creatures that resemble long- tailed pterosaurs much more than any bird or bat that is known to Western scientists. Consider Hennessy’s own words, as recorded in the fourth edition of the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God:  “When I looked up, trying to see what was making this sound, I saw a very unusual creature. Firstly, it was very big (wingspan at least two metres, probably more . . . possibly much, much more). I can’t remember the exact distance . . . let’s say about fifty metres above . . . “It certainly looked prehistoric, in that it did not look like any other bird that I have seen before or since. Why prehistoric?  Well,  maybe  my  memory  has  been influenced by the intervening years, but I recall seeing this creature with a longish narrow tail . . . The body seemed to be quite narrow. However, the head was disproportionately large compared to the body (no feathers in sight) . . .”
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